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Pairing: Roy Harper/Thea Queen
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Arrow
Canonical?: canon
Prevalence: common
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Roy/Thea is a het pairing of Thea Queen and Roy Harper from the Arrow fandom.


Roy and Thea first meet after Roy steals Thea's purse. He's caught by Quentin Lance, however, Thea is moved by his story about his mother and decides not to press charges [1]. Thea sets Roy up with a job at Verdant, however he doesn't show up because he doesn't want any charity. After leaving him, Thea is nearly mugged but Roy steps in and saves her. She takes him to the hospital, and where it's revealed he's afraid of needles - this leads her to kiss him in order to distract him[2]. Sometime after that, they enter an intimate relationship as revealed by the next episode[3]. They have a rocky relationship but both love each other very much.

They eventually break up in the second season due to Roy being on the mirakuru drug and his struggles in dealing with how to deal with it. He keeps it a secret from Thea and joins secretly joins Team Arrow in order to help him control his rage[4]. This causes strain in their relationship and eventual break-up: in order to protect his sister The Arrow asks Roy to break up with Thea. Thea refuses to accept the break up, however in order to break it off with her, Roy cheats on her with some girl[5]. Both take the break up badly. They briefly get back together in the season finale after Roy is cured of the mirakuru drug, before Roy joins Team Arrow to fight Slade Wilson and his army. He leaves Thea at his apartment and she finds his bag of arrows, learning that he was lying to her. She breaks it off with him in a letter and takes off with her real father[6].


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Roy/Thea is a fairly common pairing found in the Arrow fandom, although it's often a secondary pairing/background pairing in fanfiction where another (usually Olicity) is the primary pairing. Roy/Thea pairing immediately appeared soon after Roy's first appearance and it was revealed that Roy would be Thea's love interest.

There is no official pairing name for the ship, although on Tumblr there are a lot of suggestions such as Speedy[7] (after Thea's nickname in the show and Roy's codename in the comics), Throy or Royal[8], Thoy, Rhea, Harqueen or Harpeen[9].

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