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Pairing: Rory Gilmore/Logan Hunztberger
Alternative name(s): R/L, RL, Rogan, Sophie
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Popular
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Rory/Logan is the canon pairing of Rory Gilmore and Logan Hunztberger from Gilmore Girls.


Rory and Logan dated while they were both studying at Yale University. They broke up at Graduation, when Logan asked Rory to marry him and she said no. Nine years later, they are both in long term relationships but having an affair. They eventually break up, with the understanding that Logan is going to London to marry another woman. Soon after their break up, Rory discovers she is pregnant but the identity of the Father is unknown.


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The original ship name for these two was Sophie. This is a reference to their first banter filled conversation, which Logan ends by telling Rory to call him Master and Commander. This is a book and film in which the main character captains a ship called the HMS Sophie. So Rory/Logan shippers called their ship Sophie, and themselves Sophies.

Other fans prefer the less complicated namesmoosh Rogan.


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