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Role-Playing Game [Japanese: ロールプレイングゲーム/そらまふうらさか] both refers to the original J-Pop song composed by the doujin quad group SoraMafuUraSaka, and its associated animation meme. The original can be viewed in full on Youtube here.

Synonyms: RPG
Date Started: December 3, 2017
See Also: Animation Meme
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The song itself depicts the hijinks, playful scuffles and banters within the aforementioned group as they go about on their adventures, within the context of various role-playing games, with peculiar yet mundane names given to each of the members' primary attacks.

Being mostly a one-off song about the fun yet excruciating vibe of Role-Playing Games, mostly of the traditional four-member party type, it was mostly positively acclaimed upon its release on Youtube, spawning another bout of animation memes regardless of fandom.





Animation Memes

  1. ^ Now known as Kemirii.