Rogue/Peter Petrelli

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Pairing: Rogue/Peter Petrelli
Alternative name(s): Marie/Peter
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Heroes/X-Men
Canonical?: no
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Rogue/Peter is a crossover pairing of Rogue (X-Men) and Peter Petrelli (Heroes).


Do the fact that this is a crossover pairing, the two characters have never interacted in canon. However they share similar abilities, which many fans enjoyed exploring in fanworks. Due to the fact that two of the X-Men films were released before Heroes first season and the third film released in the same year, most of the X-Men side of the crossover dealt with the X-Men Movieverse. The fandom behind the pairing mainly appeared on LiveJournal during Heroes' first couple seasons. The LiveJournal communities Peter_Rogue and XMen_Heroes were the most common areas to find fanworks focusing on the pairing.

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