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Name: Ricardo Tubbs
Occupation: Metro-Dade Police detective
Relationships: Sonny Crockett (partner), Rafael Tubbs (brother, deceased), Ricardo Tubbs Jr. (son), Valerie Gordon (love interest)
Fandom: Miami Vice
Other: portrayed by Philip Michael Thomas
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Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs is a character on the television show Miami Vice. He is a detective with the Organized Crime Bureau, Vice Division, partnered with Sonny Crockett.


Tubbs is a street cop from NYC who came to Miami looking for revenge and stayed to ogle all the ladies in bikinis (or Crockett depending on which fans you ask). Rico's love interests also tended to die or turn evil, but he was given to anger and suicidal undercover missions rather than brooding like Crockett.


  • Tubbs is an unlikable pratfalling idiot. (As with many character interpretations, YMMV, but Tubbs isn't primarily used as comic relief in canon.)
  • Castillo dislikes Tubbs or thinks he's incompetent in comparison to Crockett.
  • Tubbs the yenta who helps hook Crockett up with Castillo.


Crockett/Tubbs is the main pairing often preferred by new fans and more commonly found in online archives, although zines primarily featured Crockett/Castillo. It has been widely speculated that race played a large part in Tubbs' lack of popularity.

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