Relatives & Relativity

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Title: Relatives & Relativity
Author(s): Yahtzee
Date(s): 16 Mar 2010
Length: ~18,000 words - 1:59:11 hrs (podfic)
Genre: gen, casefic
Fandom: Doctor Who, Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility
External Links: R&R on LiveJournal
R&R at AO3
podfic of R&R at Audiofic Archive

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Relatives & Relativity is a gen crossover fic between Doctor Who and Jane Austen's novel Sense & Sensibility by Yahtzee.

In it, the Ninth Doctor appears (in an odd, small blue shed) in the meadow near Elinor and Marianne's house, and there is an adventure.

Author's summary: "Elinor – do you think it could be real – that he could – that he might be a magician?"
"His speech is rather rough, dearest. More likely he is a day-labourer from the North."


"[...] in which the newly regenerated Ninth Doctor appears in Regency-era England, amid the events of Sense & Sensibility, and tests both Elinor's practicality and Marianne's imagination. And it turns out more is going on with Willoughby than it may first have appeared ..."[1]

Relatives & Relativity is part of the Yahtzee's Great Companions series. (In The Yankee's Loot, the prior part of the series, the Tenth Doctor picks up Gone with the Wind's Scarlett O'Hara as his companion.)

Fayjay made a podfic of Relatives & Relativity[2], which was turned into a podbook by cybel[3]; both versions are hosted at the Audiofic Archive.

Recs & Reactions

  • "[...] oh yes, it is as awesome as you might imagine it could be. Or more awesome! Go read." [4]
  • "I know, it sounds utterly warped.'s wonderful. Sublime. One of the best pieces of fanfic I've ever read [...] The story is primarily from Elinor's point of view, and observes all the proper Austen-esque forms that we fans love. I've raised more than a few eyebrows among Whofen and Austenphiles alike, since surely the world of kooky Time Lords in flying outer-space police boxes and the world of Regency-era romance cannot possibly meld. They can, friends. They can."[5]
  • "AMAZING. And clever (just look at that title!), funny, gorgeously written, and full of wonder like all the best DW stories.."[6]
  • "I tell you what, I re-read certain of Austen's works a lot, and never once did I say to myself, "You know what this 19th century work of mannered romantic fiction needs? MORE TIME LORDS. And you know what would buck up this wilting disappointed heroine? MORE TIME LORDS." I was wrong. I see this now. I just didn't have sufficient vision, and I am extremely thankful that Yahtzee did. Because this is awesome."[7]


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