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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Reets' Slash Homepage, Dark Desires
Author: Reets
Dates: 01 October 1999 or before - 27 December 2008 (Wayback captures)
Fandom: Magnificent Seven, Law and Order, Chicago Hope, The Sentinel, Dalziel and Pascoe, Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Hercules crossover
URL: (Wayback)
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Reets' Slash Homepage is Reets' slash fanfiction page.
Ever just need a place to put 'stuff'? Well this is it for me. Here you'll find everything Non-Poltergeist. It's simply a collect of my slash fanfiction from a bunch of different fandoms.
The page prominently linked to the Poltergeist: the Legacy Slash Fanfiction Archive.