Redwood Awards

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Name: Redwood Awards
Date(s): 2001 and 2002
Frequency: annually
Format: popular vote
Type: website
Associated Community:
Fandom: Hanson
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A banner to promote the 2002 round

The Redwood Awards were Hanson website awards. They were moderated by Jody and Shannah and ran for two rounds in 2001 and 2002.

2001 Winners

A list of winners for this round is unavailable.

2002 Winners

-Best Isaac Site
1st place: Ike A Day
Runner-up: Dreams

-Best Taylor Site
1st place:
Runner-up: Taylor Hanson: Angel

-Best Zac Site
1st place: Zac World
Runner-up: Zacky Farms

-Newest New Site/Webmaster
1st place: Tie between Hitz Theatre & Retro
Runner-up: Suckerpunch

-Best Little Site (less than 2000 hits)
1st place: HansonGFX
Runner-up: Hanson Now and Forever

-Best Big Site (more than 2000 hits)
1st place: Hanson Fan High
Runner-up: Hanson Fans From Oz

-Site That Will Be Around Forever
1st place:
Runner-up: None

-Best Hosting Domain
1st place:
Runner-up: The ITZone

-Best Non-Hosting Domain
1st place: HansonHouse

-Judges Pick
1st place: Mystery Train

-Site of the Year (Best Overall)
1st place:
Runner-up: Hanson Addicts Anonymous

-Most Talked About Site
1st place: Masterpiece of Hanson
Runner-up: None

-Most Creative Title
1st place: Trimondo Blondo ManiaH Station
Runner-up: The Gifted Ones

-Best Use of Graphics (including layouts)
1st place: Hanson in Clay-O-Vision
Runner-up: None

-Best Written Fan Fiction
1st place: Hello Gone Awry
Runner-up: Shoot The Messenger

-Best Campaign That Helps Hanson
1st place: Where Did the Respect Go?
Runner-up: The Fight Ain't Over

-Oldest Site
1st place: Those Hanson Devils
Runner-up: None

-Still the Best Site
1st place: Hanson Hotel
Runner-up: HToons