Red Files Hard Choices

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Title: Red Files Hard Choices
Publisher: Anime House Press
Editor(s): Marg Baskin
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Equalizer/Callan
Language: English
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Red Files Hard Choices is a gen Equalizer and Callan anthology. It was published in 1992 and contains 165 pages.

The front and back color covers are by Kate Nuernberg.


It required an age statement to purchase.

Submission Request

From For Your Information #5 (December 1990):

We'd like to put together s fanzine for the British spy/thriiler CALLAN, which starred Edward Woodward. David Callan was an obvious inspiration for Robert McCall, of THE EQUALIZER CALLAN has seldom or never been broadcast in the U.S., so we know this is a major undertaking -- but, one of us is a die-hard fan of the series, and very stubborn, we're looking for stories and art, of course, but we'd also like to hear from fans of Edward Woodward, THE EQUALIZER or British spy/thrillers in general who are interested in finding out more about the show. We're more than willing to bribe potential contributors with tape copies and background information! Since a CALLAN-only zine isn't likely to be possible, we're also soliciting crossovers to the EQUALIZER universe, and EQUALIZER fiction.


  • Editor's Corner (2)
  • Minder by Jane Frazier ("In London, Robert McCall and his British counterpart, Callan], share a routine assignment, 'minding' a Polish defector who may be more than he seems.") (Callan/The Equalizer) (3)
  • Strays by Jeanne McClure and S.D. Smith ("Control thinks Scott McCall is crying wold when he responds to a frantic plea for help, but the call traps them in a potentially lethal situation that gives Scott an unexpected opportunity to learn about his father's past.") (also in The McClure-Smith Collection) (The Equalizer) (16)
  • In Payment of Debt by Marg Baskin ("Callan] travels north to the Isle of Skye to protect an Irish pacifist from the threat of an IRA assassin, but finds himself in the middle of a deadly and unpredictable game of a different sort.") (Callan]) (43)
  • The Show Must Go On by Jane Frazier ("In this light-hearted change of pace, McCall and Kostmayer go behind the scenes of a Burlesque show.") (The Equalizer) (82)
  • A Fine Line Between by Roger Dale ("When he gets a frantic phone call from a man claiming to be 'Robert McCall,' McCall dismisses it as a prank. Then he is called to the morgue to identify the caller's body, and discovers the dead man could have been Scott's twin.") (The Equalizer) (93)
  • Deja Vu by Jane Frazier ("On an assignment in Devonshire, a morbid promotion of his own death threatens to become a reality for David Callan.") (Callan]) (110)
  • Double Image by Jackie Edwards ("When McCall needs to be in two places at once, he calls Callan] for help.") (Callan]n/The Equalizer) (124)

The flyer lists this story, but it may not be in the zine: "Choices" by Gin Turpin ("McCall helps a young woman who witnessed the kidnapping of a man she recently met, a man whose past is shrouded in lies.") (The Equalizer)]