Red Beans and Rice

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Title: Red Beans and Rice
Author(s): Emily Brunson
Date(s): July 25, 2006
Fandom: Supernatural
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Red Beans and Rice is a Supernatural story by Emily Brunson.

Reactions and Reviews

callsigns: Oh, my *heart*. Oh, that was so sad, so breaking-down and slow and good. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. [1]
[forestgreen]: Beautiful, sad but beautiful. I could see Dean doing this, trying to make his family happy, to keep them together, playing referee between Sam and John. Poor Dean, I feel so sad for him, doing all those little things that go unnoticed, which are taked for granted after a while. This is a lovely story, sad and touching and beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. [2]
[aithne414]: So, Dean being a good cook is one of my fanon things that I believe 100% and no one can convince me otherwise. :P When I started reading this, I was all, yaaaaaay, Dean cooking, and by the end, I was all, *sobs*, and it felt so totally perfect. The characterizations were excellent... Dean working all those years to find the perfect lasagna just on an offhand remark by John about it not being quite the same, John telling him it's perfect after they came so close to losing him, Sam calling him out re: being the son or the wife. Ouch, and gorgeously written. I love the description of the roux and the heat and the things he can hear because no one else is there to fill up the silence. Beautifully melancholy. [3]
Dean Winchester has been his family's caretaker for some time. In Emily Brunson's gen "Red Beans and Rice," he also learns how to keep them fed home-cooked meals from a young age since one day Sam demands homemade food, red beans and rice, and it leads to Dean finding a new way of showing his love for his family and trying to keep them together. It's a view of a life lived on the edges and on the run and finally falling apart. This is so grounded in the reality of being poor and having to move around all the time.[4]


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