Rebel with a Cause (art)

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Fan Art
Title: Rebel with a Cause
Date(s): 1993 (as per a copyright on an online image), 1995 (as the cover of a zine)
First Published:
Fandom: Blake's 7
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"Rebel with a Cause"
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Rebel with a Cause is a Blake's 7 illo by Suzan Lovett.

It was used as the cover of Songs of Experience.

"with apologies to Boris Vallejo" [1]

It can be seen online here: "Blake's 7" Guide: BBC SF Series, Archived version

And here: Suzan's B7 Fanfic, Archived version

The art features Blake entwined with a snake. A sister illo was used on the cover of Songs of Innocence. That zine portrayed Blake sleeping with a unicorn.

Fan Comments

  • "These two, companion pieces featuring stories centering on Blake (or at least Blake *and* someone, usually - surprise! - Avon) are very similar in look and to a great extent in feel. Both have *gorgeous* Suzann Lovett covers, Innocence with Blake sleeping with a unicorn, Experience with him fighting some sort of serpent (with the Liberator in the background). She does draw Blake wonderfully, and these are two of the best covers I've seen." [2]
  • "You mentioned the "Blake and a Snake" cover of Songs of Experience, What is this with Blake, Avon and snakes? Were the writers whose stories are in that zine shown the cover as inspiration? Was it coincidence that Sondra did something similar in her novel Beloved Adversary?" [3]
  • Sondra's reply: "Well, I haven't seen the Lovett cover of Songs of Experience "in person" (so to speak], but Rebecca sent me a Polaroid snapshot of it. From what I can make out (admittedly any work of art is going to lose a great deal when thus reduced in size and clarity), it's not, in and of itself, worth buying the zine for. I do like the change of title, too, though. Kind of demands a third issue to complete the triple reference, doesn't it? [4]
  • "In case you still haven't seen the Lovett cover for Emily Ross' new zine, it's just Blake and the snake, no Avon. (I believe the official title of the piece was 'Rebel With A Cause,' but I immediately started thinking of it as 'Blake and the Snake. I Though upon studying it further recently, I find I don't care quite as much for it as I did when I first saw it. Yes, the zine is out, I got my copy at VidCon in Florida in November. Only the title got changed to SONGS OF EXPERIENCE, which I think I like better anyhow. I haven't finished the zine yet, so won't offer an opinion at this time."
  • "Presentation wise - those are some excellent Suzan Lovett images (how amazing is that snake-wrestling one? I love it), but they're just printed onto beige card, and then stapled together. It's a bit of a shame. I know that's why they only cost $8 new (which is ideal - well done, publishers), but it would also have been nice if they'd have looked more... special. I know have cake/eat cake, but it's worth pointing out. I'm not usually disappointed when I look at a zine. [5]


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