Rat Mastersongs

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Filk Album
Album Title: Rat Mastersongs
Producer: Off Centaur Publications
Type: Live
Date: 1984
Medium: Tape
Fandom: Multiple
Performer(s): Multiple
Other: Cover Art: Don Simpson
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Rat Mastersongs tape cover
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Rat Mastersongs was recorded Live at LACon II, the World Science Fiction Convention in 1984.

Several of the songs are filks of other songs. "Blast Away" is a filk of the traditional sea chanty, "Blow Ye Winds". "The Producer's Anthem" is a to the tune of "The Caissons Go Rolling Along". "The Press" is a filk of Leslie Fish's "The Quest," an original tune to the Kipling poem. "Isn't It the Pits" is to the tune of "Puttin' OntThe Ritz". "Planet Story Blues—I'm a BEM" is a filk of "I'm a Man".

"Don't Ask" is a multilayered filk, to the tune of the traditional "Farewell tae th' Creeks" by Hamish Henderson, which was filked to a serious Dorsai song, "Green Hills of Harmony" by Hal Frank, which was filked to a less-serious song about space mercenaries, which Frank Hayes tweaked into "Don't Ask," about mercenary Dorsai.[1] While the tape case credits "Robertson" as writing the tune, that could be the author of one of the intervening filks rather than the original tune writer.


"Wind from Rainbow's End" won the Pegasus Award for Best Filk Song in 1988, and "Enterprise" won Best Media Song in the same year.[2] (There's a bit of conflicting information about the song: The tape case lists Joey Shoji as the author of "Enterprise", but the OVFF site lists Julia Ecklar as the author.) In 1993, "Heartwarming" won Best Filk Song.

Track Listing

  • A1 "Blast Away" (Smith) L. A. Filkharmonics
  • A2 "Children of Tomorrow" (Bailey/ Trad.) Robin Bailey
  • A3 "The Producer's Anthem" (Weber/Trad.) Chris Weber
  • A4 "Dreaming" (Mar) Kathy Mar
  • A5 "Better Than Who" (Fish) Leslie Fish
  • A6 "Teddy Bear and Pussycat" (Stevens/Young/Wilson) Beth Stevens
  • A7 "The Day After" (Bailey) Robin Bailey
  • A8 "Moreta" (Prather) Anne Harlan Prather
  • A9 "Uhura" (Shoji) Joey Shoji
  • A10 "Wind From Rainbow's End" (Roper) Bill Roper
  • B1 "Filksinger's Aria" (Prather) Anne Harlan Prather
  • B2 "Isn't It the Pits" (Weber/Berlin) Chris Weber
  • B3 "The Press" (Kare/Fish) Jordin Kare
  • B4 "Merchanter's Luck" (McQuillin) Cynthia McQuillin
  • B5 "Enterprise" (Shoji) Joey Shoji
  • B6 "Wandering" (Willson) Karen Willson
  • B7 "Mercury—Our First Steps" (Groot) Harold Groot
  • B8 "Planet Story Blues, Or, I'm a Bem" (Smith) L.A. Filkharmonics
  • B9 "Don't Ask" (Hayes/Robertson) Frank Hayes
  • B10 "Heartwarming" (Mar) Kathy Mar


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