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Title: Ransom
Publisher: an eBay seller says "Bojums Press" which may actually be boojums Press
Author(s): Jan Lindner
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2000
Genre: gen, though there was a slash version online at one point
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
External Links: Ransom via Wayback (Gen)
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cover of the gen zine

Ransom is a gen Horatio Hornblower novel by Jan Lindner. It is based on the author's video version of the A&E series.

This fanzine is 88 pages long and features a story about the friendship between Archie Kennedy and Horatio Hornblower.

There exist three versions of this story; one is an Archie/Horatio slash novel with additional scenes. The slash novel is no longer available online [1] because the author filed off the serial numbers and published it as profic. All three fan versions have the same title but list different authors/pseuds.

The pro version has the same title, different author, and different character names. [2]

Slash Version Summary

"While the Indy is in dock for repairs, Captain Pellew and his two junior lieutenants are kidnapped by a British renegade. As the Indy’s crew searches for its missing officers, Pellew and Hornblower work to escape — and Archie Kennedy finds himself facing his greatest fears - and worse, the fulfilment of his dearest dreams."[3]

The Pro Fic Series

As listed in the MediaWest*Con program book: [4]

  • Ransom
  • Winds of Change
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Home is the Sailor
  • Sail Away

Recs and Reviews

The slash version was fairly popular while it was still online and there were several strong recommendations for it. The version archived at HMS Sailslash had a warning for non-consensual sex.

Recs describe the slash novel as "quite long, but very well written and true to the tone of the movies"[3] or point out that it was something of a surprise because "This is not a fandom I ever expected to be reading fic for. But, um, I was recced this a while ago (alas, I forgot where), and it’s well written. The plot’s paced nicely, and there’s just enough hurt/comfort to keep me happy without making me start going 'Yes, thank you, I know you’re having fun torturing your favorite character. But keep this up and I’m going to throw up.' Archie, the designated uke of the story, still manages to remain strong throughout his ordeal, and it’s just a nice read. Long, though."[5]

Another rec says the novel "sees Horatio, Archie and Captain Pellew kidnapped by a Very Bad Man, who of course has nefarious designs on Archie (the blue-eyed, blond-haired... see above). Who can blame him? This is a long, meaty tale with plenty of h/c, romance and action, so start it when you've got some time free. I had to cancel a lunch date to finish it."[6]


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