Raleigh Becket/Mako Mori

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Pairing: Raleigh Becket/Mako Mori
Alternative name(s): Maleigh, Mako/Raleigh
Gender category: F/M
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Popular
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Raleigh Becket/Mako Mori is the pairing of Jaegar pilots Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori in the Pacific Rim fandom.


Raleigh Becket returns reluctantly to the Jaegar program following the death of his brother Yancy Becket. While searching for a drift compatible co-pilot, he champions Mako as the ideal choice. Mako's adoptive father Stacker Pentecost is initially unwilling to place his daughter in such danger. Raleigh and Mako do pilot the Jaegar Gipsy Danger together, defeating several Kaiju monsters and closing the breach.

In the sequel Pacific Rim Uprising, Mako is the Secretary General of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and Raleigh's location is unknown.


Raleigh Becket/Mako Mori is the most popular het pairing in this fandom.

Some fans pointed out that this pairing is an example of a white male respecting and working with a woman of color to save the world and each other.[1] As such many view this as a positive representation of an interracial couple. Other fans have pointed out that the two more popular ships, Newmann and Chuck Hansen/Raleigh Becket are both pairings of two white guys. [2] This has led to accusations of racism within the fandom, particularly since the popularilty of the Kylux ship, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has resulted in more fandom awareness of the two white guys trope.[3]

Common Storylines and Tropes

  • Drift Bond works often build on their canon drift compatibility and may show the two continuing to share dreams or thoughts. Other works focus on the deep bond between the two as they have shared their memories with one another.
  • Post Pacific Rim works often show the two adapting to civilian life and their newfound fame as the heroes of the war.
  • Emotional Hurt Comfort works often involve Raleigh and Mako dealing with the trauma they endured during the events of the war. Raleigh lost his brother Yancy. Mako lost her entire family as a child during a Kaiju attack, and her adopted father Stacker Pentecost died during the final assault on the breach.

Example Fanworks

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  • Reconstruction Site by disco_vendetta (brinn), One day he looks up from the scaffolding and realizes that he’s almost exactly at Jaeger height and has to wrap his hand tight against the metal to keep from stepping out into the air. Not because he wants to kill himself or anything, just because for a split second his mind felt that old equilibrium and he just knew he should be able to, should be able to walk straight across the valley in front of him and out into the sea and on forever until he finds whatever’s next.
  • big teeth small kiss by magneticwave, It takes Raleigh three accidental meetings, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and an economics textbook to fall for Mako Mori harder than he’s fallen for anything else in his entire life. Yancy, predictably, laughs his ass off about it. (College AU)
  • Four Years by CircusBones, A story in snap-shots. Raleigh and Mako navigate the bond forged, and learn that it's as complicated and rife with failings as any connection. The difference is that, even if they fail, they'll always have each other.




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