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Name: Mako Mori
Occupation: Former Jaegar Pilot
Former Head of Mark III Restoration Project
Relationships: Stacker Pentecost (Adopted Father)
Jake Pentecost (Brother by adoption)
Raleigh Becket (Love Interest and Jaegar Partner)
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Other: Portrayed by Rinko Kikuchi
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Mako Mori is a main character in the film Pacific Rim (2013) and its sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018).


Pacific Rim

Mako Mori was born in Japan. She was adopted by Stacker Pentecost after the death of her parents during a Kaiju attack. She trained at the Jaegar Academy for several years, hoping to become a pilot but her adoptive father initially doesn't support her decision. She worked to refit the damaged Jaegar, Gipsy Danger, as Head of the Mark III Restoration Project. Mako eventually becomes a co-pilot of Gipsy Danger, taking the place of Raleigh Becket's deceased brother. They closed the Breach during the largest Kaiju attack yet.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Ten years after the events in the original film, Mako Mori is the Secretary General of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. Mako offers her younger brother Jake Pentecost a chance to rejoin as a Ranger, instead of going to prison.


The Mako Mori Test

The inclusion of Mako Mori, as the sole female character in Pacific Rim, drew negative attention to the film as it failed to pass the Bechdel Test.[1] Fans who had appreciated Mako's positive representation as a POC and a strong female lead, were upset that this film had failed to pass any of the criteria set out by Bechdel.[2]

Fans on tumblr and other online forums pointed to the fact that Mako is not objectified and her narrative arc doesn't revolve around her love interest. In response to a meta post by Spider-Xan, tumblr user Chaila proposed the Mako Mori Test in a since deleted tumblr post. Chaila also pointed out that the film passes the Racial Bechdel Test, by having two POC characters talk about something other than a white character. See Mako Mori#Meta for links to both Tumblr posts.

To pass the Mako Mori test, there must be a prominent female character, who has her own narrative arc, which is not about supporting a man's story.

See Mako Mori Test for more information.


Mako is most commonly paired with her canon love interest Raleigh Becket, but the gen works pairing these two are also popular. Many works also examine the relationship between Mako and her adoptive father Stacker Pentecost.


Many fans were unhappy with the treatment of Mako's character in the sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising. Many believed her narrative arc only served to provide a purpose to the male lead, her brother, Jake Pentecost.[3][4][5]

Pacific Rim: Does such a phenomenal job with Mako Mori that she gets a Bechdel-esque test of female prominence in a story named after her.
Pacific Rim Uprising: Mako’s presence in the story only serves to further Jake’s development. Mako Mori fails the Mako Mori test.[6]

Example Fanworks

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  • Ao by zosofi, She dyes her hair every six weeks like clockwork.
  • Four Years by CircusBones, A story in snap-shots. Raleigh and Mako navigate the bond forged, and learn that it's as complicated and rife with failings as any connection. The difference is that, even if they fail, they'll always have each other.(Mako/Raleigh)
  • A Cry Answered by imperfectcircle, Scenes from the year after Stacker and Mako first meet.
  • you're my apocalypse by epistolic, The entire world believes they are in love, but this is not true. (Mako/Raleigh)




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