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Name: Racheline Maltese
Alias(es): rm, arem, racheline_m, rachelinem, LettersFromTitan
Type: fanwriter, pro-author, blogger
Fandoms: Original Fiction, Glee, Torchwood, Swordspoint, Doctor Who RPF, World War Z, Yuri!!! on ICE, V For Vendetta, Gattaca, His Dark Materials, The Prestige, Maru Desu, Vikings, The New Normal, King Arthur (2004)
Other: http://avian30.com (pro-author blog with Erin McRae)
http://lettersfromtitan.com (personal blog)
URL: arem at AO3
rachelinem at Instagram
Erin.and.Racheline at Instagram
rm at LiveJournal
lettersfromtitan at Tumblr
racheline_m at Twitter
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Racheline Maltese is a non-binary prolific blogger and writer of both fanfiction and original fiction/non-fiction. Racheline also co-writes with Erin McRae. They has been published numerous times and is well known in fandom for her fascination with pop culture meta. Their involvement in online fandom stretches back to the early nineties.

They recently expressed that is no longer involved with the works of Rowling due to the author's transphobia, which goes against the Racheline's precepts.

Since so many people came to this blog due to very ancient HP-related content.

I’m non-binary. JK Rowling is a TERF. And golly, gee, is that a bloody heartbreak. The things I’ve derived from her books remain, my analyses remain. But I’m done with her and giving her a penny for anything and have been for a quite some time now (a thing which extends beyond in this issue).

Anyway. You probably didn’t want or need this statement, but there you are![1]

Notable Stories