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This article is about the archive. For the pairing, see Percy/Katie.
Name: Quills and Quidditch
Date(s): 19 January 2002 – 21 June 2002 (last updated)
Archivist: DangerMouse (dangermouse42)
Founder: DangerMouse, Percy/Oliver Writers Support Network
Type: Percy/Oliver fanfiction
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://www.geocities.com/quills_and_quidditch/
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Quills and Quidditch is a Harry Potter fanfiction archive dedicated to the Percy/Oliver pairing. It is the archive for the Percy/Oliver Writers Support Network (POWSN) mailing list.

The tagline from the splash page is: "Where Jock & Geek Finally Meet!"

As of its last update in June 2002, there were 64 stories on the archive according to its homepage.[1] The site also hosted a beta reader directory, added in February 2002. There were five beta readers listed: Elske, Leo, Mizzy, Pixiestyxs, and Teague.

The site was originally on GeoCities, and moved to DangerMouse's personal webspace in late February 2002.[2] At this time, it adopted a new fly.to redirect URL. Although the main page of the GeoCities site was changed to point to the new site, archive contents remained on the original GeoCities site until GeoCities' closure in 2009.

DangerMouse posted on June 17, 2002 that she had fallen behind with the archive due to personal reasons and recruited volunteers to help update it.[3] The archive's final update was on June 21, 2002, although the site remained online until at least 2006.


The archive hosted fanfiction by 19 authors:

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