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Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: Percy/Oliver Writers Support Network (POWSN)
Date(s): December 1, 2001 - present
Moderated: no
Founder(s): Mizzy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Scope: Percy/Oliver
URL: powsn at Yahoo! Groups
POWSNadult at Yahoo! Groups
Group banner by Rain OCleary.
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The Percy/Oliver Writers Support Network (POWSN) is a Harry Potter Yahoo! Group dedicated to Percy/Oliver fanfiction. It has a NC-17 sister group, POWSNadult, founded in 2003.

Its list archive was Quills and Quidditch, updated only until mid-2002. The community later sponsored the Percy/Oliver Fic Carnival challenge.

Group messages and files are restricted to members, but membership is unmoderated and open to anyone with a Yahoo! account. By the end of 2003, the group had over 550 members.[1]

The list started experiencing issues with spam by 2006. Moderators cleared the group's archive of the spam messages until early 2007, but by that point there were no active moderators with the ability to make group membership moderated to prevent spam accounts from joining.[2] Despite this, there were legitimate posts to the group as late as 2009.[3]

Group Description

We are a group dedicated to supporting writers who are brave and loyal enough to write the slash pairing of Percy Weasley and Oliver Wood. We support the best couple in Harry Potter! Drop in, meet other Percy x Oliver fans and help struggling P/O writers! SLASH!

Visit our archive managed by the fandabidosy Dangermouse. QUILLS AND QUIDDITCH - the POWSN archive!


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