Quidditch Pitch Interview with Reallycorking

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Quidditch Pitch Interview with Reallycorking
Interviewee: reallycorking
Date(s): August 2006
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview at TQP; reference link
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In 2006, reallycorking was interviewed for The Quidditch Pitch as the Artist of the Month for August.

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Some Excerpts

Harry [is my favorite character to draw]. Embarrassingly enough, it's because of the messy black hair. Also, he's the most three-dimensional character; of course, since we see everything from Harry's perspective we know the most about him. The possibilities of situation, action, and expression when drawing him are endless.
I'm inspired by artists that can capture dynamic character interaction. Artists like Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Goya, and Delacroix are some of my favorites. I think it's because of their flair for human drama.
Harry/Ginny is my OTP. Ginny's got a mind of her own, and seems to have a way of effectively slapping Harry upside the head when he's being illogical, mopey, or stupid. I can see their personalities clashing when they're angry, which adds a nice little bit of tension to the pairing. I pretty much just think they're rather sexy together. He needs someone normal, yet vibrant, to add some balance to his awful life. I also happily ship Harry/Ron, because hey, who understands Harry better than his Ron?
I don't do a lot of commissions, because I don't enjoy the pressure to draw the "perfect drawing" for somebody. I draw fanart because it's a fun hobby, so if a commission doesn't sound like fun to me, I won't do it. I try not to take fanart too seriously.
Glockgal is the first fanartist I fell in love with, so she'll always hold a special place in my heart. She's fluid, natural, prolific, knows how to draw action and expressions, and draws a great variety of characters and situations. Inspiring, absolutely! I can't tear my eyes away from Neb's drawings, when it comes to color. The mood of her art is the epitome of Harry Potter to me. Celestialsoda's rich textures and compelling characterizations make me go back to her website every few months just to look through everything again. I need to stop at three of my favorites though, because I could very easily ramble on and on about fantastic fanartists and become quite tedious.