Quantum Beast (Quantum Leap/Beauty and the Beast crossover story by Peter David)

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You may be looking for the zine, Quantum Beast.

Title: Quantum Beast
Author(s): Peter David
Date(s): November 1990
Genre: gen
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)/Quantum Leap/Lost in Space
External Links: archived online in two parts: Peter David's Quantum Beast, Part 1 and Peter David's Quantum Beast, Part 2.

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Quantum Beast is a gen Beauty and the Beast (TV)/Quantum Leap/Lost in Space story by Peter David.

Fan Comments

Thankyou Peter that was very enjoyable. I also hated that two-hour episode of a certain television series. However, I am sure you wont remember writing it after the familiar blue corona flashes into existance propelling you to a new and exiting writing venture. [1]

Imagine a series of Quantum Leaps where Sam goes back before the series Jumps the Shark.

“Sam, there’s a 97% chance you have to stop David and Maddie from having sex.” [2]


‘LOVED the (not so) “useless story”. It can’t be useless when it entertains people! Now if only we could see Sam as Dr. Zachary Smith! WARNING, WILL ROBINSON, WARNING! [3]

Good solution to the problem… a little sparse, but I could tell enough of what you left out to enjoy the story.

I think a hard science (fiction) answer to saving the earth curtousy of Sam working with the Robinsons would be an interesting solution. It does seem that Sam’s different point of view to a sitution was just as important as his personal ethics and his life knowledge-skills.

Was polution and over-population the problem in the original lost in space.. or was is a virus of some kind?

Going to deep space just doesn’t seem to be an answer to the polution and over pop. I’m guessing the quick fix might involved some sea-communities and recycling atmosphere/polution stuff, as it would be too expensive to get the people off the earth.

Or is this a fix the movie version?[4]

The distinction between Sam leaping into Vincent and Sam leaping into Zachary Smith is that in the former, Peter is correcting a horrendous injustice done to a character, a TV show, and its fans. In the latter, if Sam were to be successful at preventing the launch of the Jupiter 2, it would undo the entire series. Catherine’s death was huge slap in the face to the viewers, but being lost in space was only an internal mistake. Externally, getting rid of it would get rid of the show. 🙂[5]

Fun story, Peter…I never got into Beauty & the Beast, but I was familiar enough that I got your story.

As far as the Lost in Space thing goes, it would have been neat if Sam was the cause of the Jupiter 2 being lost…Dr. Smith being so inept that even his attempt at sabotage would have failed, if not for Sam’s intervention.[6]

I was never a fan of Beauty and the Beast, Peter, but I knew enough to appreciate your story… and I loved Quantum Leap (at least until the last season).

How about a sequel to this story that would hit even closer to home? Imagine Al saying, “Sam, there’s a 97 percent chance that you’re here to stop Rick Jones from driving onto the test site for the gamma bomb!”[7]

I’ve always been a big fan of yours, Peter, and you have a real knack for writing humor and realistic dialogue. I really enjoyed this fanfic story, right up to the point where Sam shoots two people. The image of Sam Becket shooting people and scooping up an Uzi just seems totally out of character as I remember the show. Perhaps in one episode or another of the series Sam picked up a gun, a la the Vietnam storyline, but as a whole it just didn’t ring true to me. In fact, didn’t a fellow named Lee Falk had a similar problem with your handling of his character?[8]


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