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Journal Community
Name: Quality Panic! Slash
Date(s): Created on 2006-08-29 - last updated 2007-10-06
Moderator: birdboys, blaqkaudio, frankensteins, hormoaning, prost8
Founder: blaqkaudio?
Type: slash
Fandom: Panic! at the Disco

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protecturprost8 was "the very first and currently the only community on Livejournal dedicated to quality Panic! at the Disco fanfiction." Using a beta was encouraged.[1]

The community may have been created in response to perceived low quality of fic posted to slashatthedisco. An early mod post contained some very specific rules:

2. No first comment dances or any other celebratory comments like that. Come on, seriously? It adds nothing and it annoys everyone. Please refrain from expressing your idiocy in such a blatant fashion. We will ban you if you so much as attempt to do a first comment dance.

3. Each line of your story does not require a new, separate paragraph. I don't care if you type up your stories in Microsoft Word and paste them into livejournal - fix your shit. It's hard to read, annoying, unprofessional, and makes you look like a complete and utter moron. If you can't master the simple concept of paragraphs you probably shouldn't be writing.

4. If you're going to attempt to pass something off as a chapter, it damn well better have more than 200 words. Put time and effort into your stories, don't just rush through them. Two lines of dialogue and a paragraph of prostate-ramming does not a chapter make.


The mod also remarked, "If you feel as if your story isn't good enough for this community, please, do not submit it because it probably isn't." [2]

Another PATD slash community, discoattheslash, was created a few weeks later with a radically different policy: "Our reason for creating this community is to give writers of Panic! slash a solace where the rules aren't too tight and where they don't have to fight with their self esteem before even posting."[3]

As of 2011, protecturprost8 had 262 posts, 658 comments, and 228 members.[1]


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