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Journal Community
Name: Disco! At the Slash
Date(s): 9 September 2006 - Last updated on 19 November 2013
Moderator: nailsxtacks, danimpa, justranda, theoryofwar, psychicfeeling, fabledfaith
Founder: nailsxtacks?
Type: slash
Fandom: Panic! at the Disco
URL: http://discoattheslash.livejournal.com/

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discoattheslash is a general slash community for Panic! at the Disco. It was created a few days after protecturprost8, a community focused on "quality" PATD fanfic.

Our reason for creating this community is to give writers of Panic! slash a solace where the rules aren't too tight and where they don't have to fight with their self esteem before even posting. We want people who've been writing their whole lives and people who are 'virgins' at it to be able to post equally and not feel ashamed of their work.

Betas are encouraged but not required. And remember that using a beta is not something to be ashamed off. The best of us make mistakes and other people are often better equipped at spotting them than we, as writers, are.

No pairings are prefered to others, no subtle hinting that a pairing in particular is gross or overused is allowed.[1]

As of 2017, the community has 5,434 posts; 43,623 comments; and 968 members.[1]


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