Potty and the Weasel

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Name: Potty and the Weasel
Owner/Maintainer: Britt (fordanglia)
Dates: 16 January 2003 – 2005
Type: Fanlisting, archive
Fandom: Harry Potter
  • http://fan.confundus.org/harry+ron/ (2004–2005)
  • http://www.friend-ships.org/harry+ron/ (2003)
  • http://alohomora.nu/harry+ron/ (2003)
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    Potty and the Weasel is a Harry Potter fansite and fanlisting for the Harry/Ron pairing and, later, Harry & Ron friendship.

    The site was a member of The Fanlistings Network. Britt, the owner of Potty and the Weasel, wrote:

    "I had originally created this fanlisting as big Harry/Ron site, but then TFL told me that I had to accept fans of the *friendship*. Oh please."[1]

    A later TFL-approved Harry & Ron fanlisting was called Potty and The Weasel (The Dream Team).[2]

    Potty and the Weasel was named Site of the Week at Open Minded In Magic World for the week starting April 25, 2003.[3]

    The fanlisting reached 100 members in May 2003.[4] The site was revamped in early 2004 and reopened as a "Harry and Ron" fanlisting instead of a strictly slash listing. As of February 2005, the fanlisting had 236 fans from 38 countries.[5]

    Site Contents

    In addition to a traditional fanlisting, the site had a "Fanstuff" section with pages for Harry/Ron fan art, fan fiction, icons, and wallpapers. The fanart page featured works by Nemesis and Tanja.[6] Fanfiction authors included Adelaide, Britt, Jair, Keva, and SnoopyPez.[7]

    Britt advertised the site at the harry_and_ron community on LiveJournal in February 2003:

    I own/operate the official Harry/Ron fanlisting, which is really more of a wannabe mass-fansite. I'm archiving icons, wallpapers, images, fanfics, fanart, rants, essays ... anything Harry/Ron related, actually. Its a common interest with those of us here, I'm assuming, and it would be really awesome if any of you cared to submit anything. I'm still just getting off the ground, but I'm anxious for anything you'd be able to send in.[8]


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