Popslash Recommendations by Lettergirls

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Recommendation Website
Name: Popslash Recommendations by Lettergirls
Reccer(s): JR and DS
Dates: ?-29 August 2004 (last update)
Focus: slash
Fandom: Popslash
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/de3/lettergirls/home.html
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Popslash Recommendations by Lettergirls is a recommendation site for 'N Sync slash by JR and DS. The page is sorted by pairing, title, author, and era and the last update was August 29, 2004. The site hosts 142 recs.

Listed pairings: JC/Justin, JC/Lance, JC/Chris, JC/Joey, Justin/Lance, Chris/Lance, Justin/Chris, Justin/Joey, GSF, Threesomes inc. Britney, Christina, etc; Crossovers inc. BSB, Eminem, Britney, Christina; Gen Non slash or no pairing, Backstreet Stories.

Era categories:

  • Timeline: Covering more than one time period.
  • Pre-Europe and Europe: Stories set during the forming of the group and/or their time in Germany.
  • Touring: Stories set while the guys are on tour.
  • Celebrity: Stories set during the recording or touring for the Celebrity album.
  • Hiatus Um, duh?.
  • Post-Hiatus: Stories set after the current break.
  • Post-Sync: Stories set after the ultimate break up of the group.
  • AUs: Alternate Universes.