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This page is about the filk album. For references to the SG1 Zine story by Livengoo, see: Pretense or Author's Choice (zines from Ancient's Gate)

Filk Album
Album Title: Plus Ça Change
Producer: Thor Records
Type: Studio
Date: 1988
Medium: Tape
Fandom: Multiple
Performer(s): Kathy Mar
Other: Later combined with Plus C'est La Même Chose onto a double-disc CD
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cover of the cassette tape

Plus Ça Change is a filk album by Kathy Mar. Two of its songs won Pegasus Awards: Drink Up A River won Best Filk Song in 1994[1] after also being nominated for the same award in 1991, and Velveteen won Best Love Song in 1991, after being nominated for Best Filk Song in 1990. "I Am Lord" was also nominated for Best Spiritual Song in 1996.

Topics of this album include classic Mythology (Grendel), Anne McCaffrey's Crystal Singer in the song of the same name, modern Paganism (I Am Lord), Dune (Shai Hulud), children's stories (Velveteen), and computers (World Inside the Crystal, in addition to songs of fannish perspective on life (Drink Up the River, Saddest, No Heroes.)

After being out of print for several years, it was combined with another album, Plus C'est La Même Chose in a 2-CD release by ImageCraft[2], which included three bonus tracks not originally on either album: Don Simpson's Ship of Stone was added to the Plus Ça Change disc, while "Ghost" and "Old Souls" were added to the Plus C'est La Même Chose disc.

Track Listing

Except where noted, lyrics & music are by Kathy Mar.

  • A1-Drink Up the River
  • A2-Grendel (Kathy Mar/Leslie Fish)
  • A3-Saddest
  • A4-Crystal Singer
  • A5-I am Lord (Gwen Zak/Leslie Fish)
  • A6-No Heroes
  • B1-Shai Hulud
  • B2-Ivory Rose
  • B3-Velveteen
  • B4-World Inside the Crystal (Steve Savitsky)
  • B5-Little Green Eyes (Mercedes Lackey/Kathy Mar)
  • B6-Spoon


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