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Plot Does Matter was a short-lived movie poster spoof posted at the official Star Wars site ( in. It was supposedly created by some employees of Lucasfilms (Roland and Dean?), employees who according to Blue Harvest #15, "got in biiiggg trouble over this lil' gag."

"Plot Does Matter" was created in response to the movie posters for the poorly-received "Godzilla" movie and its tag "Size Does Matter."

Some fans of the Star Wars movie found the whole thing ironic, considering the plot elements of The Phantom Menace.[1]

Some Comments

Well I've been getting flooded with email about the "Prequel teaser poster" that was up then down over at the Official Star Wars site. Some people thought it was funny as hell, while others thought it was 'bitchy' as hell. I've heard conspiracy theories that it was revenge from 20th Century Fox for leaving them for Sony, I've heard that George hates Roland and Dean and so on and so on....


All this to say, my sense from the whole encounter (especially the disgusted way he glowered at the theater after it's thunderous review of the trailer) pretty much jives with the below-the-belt shot took at Godzilla. I'm not saying George is taking the time off from his production schedule to PhotoShop spoof posters, but I can see him taking a break with a bunch of the guys, and making some crack about "Plot Does Matter," Then some junior assistant guy thinks "Oh cool, I bet the big man would dig it if I put that poster on the site." This would also explain why it came down so quickly -- George or someone else probably though back on it and said "Great try, kid, but you know, that ain't too cool....)[2]