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Title: Pledge
Circle: Kilinzaibatu (きりんざいばつ Kirinzaibatsu)
Doujinka: Tomomi Koga (古賀ともみ Koga Tomomi)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 29 December 2001[1]
Type: manga
Size: B5, 50 pages
Language: Japanese
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Pledge is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Kilinzaibatu. It is primarily gen with some James x Lily, and is set partially in the Marauders era and partially during Hogwarts era.

One reviewer describes:

"This doujinshi is absolutely adorable! The first story tells of the Marauders during the MWPP days, in which they have a snowball fight involving large mounds of snow, their wands, and 'Beater' sticks. In the end, the mountain of snow hurtles directly for Lily, and she dissipates it with a wave of her wand. In another story, Harry, Ron, and Hermione awaken Remus Lupin from dreams of his school days, where the Marauders met on the castle roof to plot their next adventure. Very cute and heartwarming, particularly the corresponding parts where Remus remembers slipping off the roof, and James catches him. Later in the present, he goes onto the roof again with Harry and friends and once again slips, only this time Harry catches him. "[2]



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