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Synonyms: playersexuality
See also: Bisexuality and Fandom
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Playersexual "basically means, whatever race or gender the player's character is, the romanceable character finds the player character attractive and can be romanced."[1]

A playersexual character may be bisexual, but this is not necessarily the case. For example, in Dragon Age II, Isabela is confirmed to be bisexual through her in-game behaviour and party banter. [2] Merrill, another potential LI for a male or female Hawke, does not have an established sexuality outside of her potential romance with the player character.

Discussions about playersexuality can be quite divisive, as seen in a thread on the BioWare forum about the topic: Playersexual Characters.

Another definition

In the past, "playersexual" has also been used to refer to Fire Emblem characters in Awakening and Fates who can only marry the player character. However, these characters are restricted to an avatar of the opposite gender.

  • Awakening's Avatarsexuals: Anna, Say'ri, Tiki, Flavia, Basilio, Emmeryn, Gangrel, Walhart, Aversa, Yen'fay, Priam
  • Fates's Avatarsexuals: Anna, Gunter, Yukimura, Flora, Scarlet, Fuga, Izana, Shura, Reina
  • Three Houses's Avatarsexuals: Sothis, Lady Rhea (Silver Snow route only). Unlike the above examples, these women can be romanced by an Avatar of either gender. Jeritza von Hrym was a former playersexual before the last DLC wave added Constance von Nuvelle and Bernadetta von Varley as romantic options for him.


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