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Interviews by Fans
Title: Interview with Team Zaylor
Interviewer: Bethany
Interviewee: Team Zaylor
Date(s): May 2013
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Hanson
External Links: May 2013 Author: Team Zaylor – Spotlights, Archived version
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In 2013, Team Zaylor was interviewed by Bethany for the spotlights section of her website

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You might recognize that name — I’ve featured both their tumblr blog and their story here. I can’t tell you a lot about these girls; they’ve chosen to keep their identities (mostly) secret. What I can tell you is that they’re three girls from all around the world who absolutely love Zaylor.

Their main presence is on tumblr, here, where they post pics, videos and more pertaining to their favorite pairing. But they also have a LiveJournal, here, where they have reposted some popular and lesser known old Zaylor stories. In the last few weeks, they’ve begun posting their first original collaboration, The Bodyguard.

Because this interview is a little different than any other one I’ve done, it’s been kind of an experiment. Each girl, “Zaylorgirls” 1 through 3, answered the questions individually.

Some Excerpts

Why did you start writing hanfic? How long have you been writing?

Zaylorgirl1: My writing began two years ago. I read the story “And with each Mile” and it became my favourite story. My teammate and me loved the story so much that we agreed it is worth to get an ending, as the original author didn’t finish the story after the 35th chapter. So far we’ve written four final chapters for this story on our own. We’re planning to write the last chapter soon.

We’ve read some older hanfic stories which described Zac as timid and shy, our Team Zaylor loves a dominant Zac, we find it more matching and realistic that way. It’s a pity that ‘top Zac’ stories are rare to find, so we’re trying to do this job for justice. If anyone knows more stories like that, please let us know. We would be happy to find more of them.

If you know the orginal plot of “And with each Mile” you’ll notice a change in the chapters which we have posted on our LJ blog. We loved the idea to create a switched version of Taylor’s and Zac’s character and a few character details.

Zaylorgirl2: I’ve started writing hanfic in 2011, my first writing was actually a translation of one of my favourite stories. I also wanted to give it a try and wrote a story on my own in my mother language first.

The reason of writing can be answered with many reasons probably. It’s a good way to distract yourself from your daily routines, it gives you the possibility to create something unique, to live out your fantasies for the most part. Writing in English brought me a Zaylor story which didn’t have an ending and I decided to write some final chapters with my teammate, at which we’re still working on.

Zaylorgirl3: I started writing because I got carried away reading! I am also Iwontbeafool on LJ, I created the account to read stories. Then there’s this story concept that I couldn’t shake off, it was so tempting! So I finally decided to try writing about it. Since English is not my first language, I also wanted to learn. I was so conscious when I first started, but the supports I received especially from Paola (malfunkshon on LJ) and Sam (drunkinlov3) are enough for me to continue. I started writing in July last year.

The genre you write is rather controversial. What draws you to it?

Zaylorgirl1: Gay incest will always be a controversial subject for some people. We find it awesome that Hanfic writers are so cool and open minded about this subject.

We always love to fangirl about Zaylor pictures and moments together and it’s great that we share the same taste about them. We want to write more stories in the future in which Zac protects Taylor, that’s our preference in this genre.

Zaylorgirl2: We always loved and appreciated the familiarity and close bond which Zac and Taylor have. That’s why we try to collect as many Zaylor moments in history as we can in an effort to gain more Zaylor fans in the course of time.

A controversial genre is always an interesting writing subject and a challenge for every author. In our stories we love to display Zac as the dominant brother because we think it’s more plausible and hotter that way.

Besides to that none of us would deny that Zaylor would be a very sexy couple. 😉

Zaylorgirl3: Our team was created because we love Zac and Tay’s chemistry, and there’s no denying on our part of how much we love it. The concept of the story ‘The Bodyguard’ started out on Tumblr. We loved Zaylor pictures where Zac acts as if he’s guarding Taylor. Especially when Zac takes pictures of his precious brother during his ‘The Walk’ speeches. So we started searching like crazies for more ‘The Bodyguard’ pictures to post. Then we thought, why not writing a story about it? And the rest is history.

We love the idea of making Zac a badass. We’ve read Hanfics written years ago where Tay gets more of the attention and he’s usually the naughty one. So we decided to make it the other way around. To give Zac some balls in the story and not just the common timid and shy Zac, which we enjoy a lot writing about.

We thought it’s about time to introduce this era of Hanfics with a badass Zac.