Peter Bishop

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Name: Peter Bishop
Occupation: Consultant for the FBI
Relationships: Walter Bishop (father), Olivia Dunham (romantic relationship)
Fandom: Fringe
Other: Played by actor Joshua Jackson (of Dawson's Creek fame).
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Peter Bishop is the son of Walter Bishop, and a member of the Fringe Division.

Fan Reactions & Meta

Fringe's fans have noted that Peter isn't given the "masculine" traits normally assigned to men in American TV. (see quote on main Fringe page)

I just like that Peter is menaced every week. Gun to the head this week, kidnapped last week, something happening next week, etc. etc. I mean, he is also kind of the ne plus ultra of thinking he has control in his own life except he doesn't and we know more than he does. I enjoy the fact that he is Tall Young White Man who never actually drives the story. He sits in the back seat of the story kibbitzing, and sometimes leans forward to point out a landmark to the driver. [1]


Canonically, Peter and Olivia seem to be interested in each other. Walter has commented on this and attempted to get them together. Peter and Olivia shared a number of moments of UST during season one and two and the relationship became canon in season two. After some complications, their relationship restarted in season three. Many fans ship Peter/Olivia.

Other fans ship Peter/Astrid and/or dislike the Peter/Olivia elements in canon.



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