Walter Bishop

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Name: Walter Bishop
Occupation: Mad scientist, FBI consultant
Relationships: Peter Bishop (son), William Bell (former coworker)
Fandom: Fringe
Other: Played by actor John Noble
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Walter Bishop is a primary character in the TV series Fringe. As a government researcher, Walter looked into areas of fringe science.

He was institutionalized after a lab accident resulted in the death of his assistant. Walter spent 17 years at Saint Claire's, and was recently released into the custody of his son. While still brilliant, Walter's behaviour is erratic. Many of the strange events the Fringe division investigates have a link with Walter and William Bell's research.

He is frequently assisted in his research by junior FBI agent Astrid Farnsworth, whose first name he has perpetual trouble remembering correctly.

Season two introduced Walternate, Walter's double from a parallel universe.

Fan Reactions & Meta

In fanfiction, Walter is sometimes paired with Astrid. Astrid & Walter friendship fics are also common.

Notable Fanworks