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Title: Pet
Creator: linzeestyle
Date: Jan 2005
Format: digital vid
Music: Pet by Perfect Circle
Genre: slash
Fandom: Smallville
Footage: Smallville
URL: online here

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Pet is a Lex/Lionel Luthor vid by linzeems using footage from Smallville that focuses on the dysfunctional relationship between Lex and his father Lionel Luthor.

"You'll always be my son, and you will always need me."


poison pagan writes:

KICKED MY ASS!! This vid was amazing and I have watched it THREE TIMES!! I can't say enough good things about this vid but I am going to try. The song could not be more perfect - I mean PERFECT! The images - the editing - supreme! The shots during the lyrics of "go back to sleep" and "precious I am here" - other lines will just make your jaw drop and want to watch it over and over. Lionel coming through the door when the song kicks in just makes you jump! The opening shot of Lex with his hand over Dad's gives you the tone of this messed up father/son relationship. "what other voices say" showing Clark - and showing Clark whenever sanity needs to return - "they don't care about you" with Lex looking on at the loving Kent family - then "like I do" with Lionel over Lex's shoulder - genuis! If I go through this thing line by line - I'll be here all night - just go NOW and download. People - THIS IS HOW VIDS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE... watch and LEARN! MY RATING: 10+++ (out of ten) My first triple prefect rating - the best I have seen! "[1]