Perfect Creature

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Name: Perfect Creature
Creator: Glenn Standring
Date(s): 2007
Medium: movie
Country of Origin: New Zealand
External Links: IMDb, Wikipedia
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Perfect Creature is a vampire movie set in an alternate-reality New Zealand, where aristocratic vampires known as the Brotherhood make up the Church. The movie blends elements of sci-fi, mystery, horror, romance, and snippets of several other genres, creating a unique effect. It hits New Zealand theatres in October 2007, and went direct-to-video in North America.[1]

Or, in viorica8957's words: "Steampunk vampires. STEAMPUNK VAMPIRES. Plus an asskicking heroine, a murder investigation, a church of vampirism, and incredible worldbulding."[2]

The movie was nominated for the 2009 Yuletide exchange, but no stories were written.



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