Penny Dreadful (TV series)

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Name: Penny Dreadful
Creator: John Logan
Date(s): May 2014 – June 2016
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: United States, United Kingdom
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Penny Dreadful is a 2014 Showtime series. It features a number of characters from 19th-century British fiction, including The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dracula, and Frankenstein, and contains both vampires and werewolves.

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The Penny Dreadful fandom is small but passionate. The monster mash up nature of the show lends itself well to fandom imagination.

In the first season, many comparisons were made between the show and Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. While some called this a rip off, others point out that the use of public domain characters allows fan fiction to become professional fiction.[1] The tone and content of both Penny Dreadful and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are also very different, with several original characters created for Penny Dreadful, including the protagonist Vanessa Ives.

Many fans were disappointed by the abrupt end to the series in the season 3 finale, and several fan campaigns aimed to save Penny Dreadful, including a plea for Netflix to take over production.[2] [3]


The most popular het pairing is Ethan Chandler/Vanessa Ives. A number of fix it fics, and alternative season 3 fics, were written by fans unhappy with the development and conclusion of their relationship in canon.

Popular slash pairings include Ethan Chandler with either Dorian Gray or Victor Frankenstein. Ethan and Dorian canonically slept together, though both were also involved with women at the time. Victor Frankenstein is canonically a virgin, and is sometimes interpreted as asexual. However there are many first time fics including his character as well.

The canonical het pairing Ethan Chandler/Brona Croft is also popular, and Vanessa Ives/Mina Harker is a somewhat common femslash pairing.

In the third season, the pairing of Victor Frankenstein/Dr. Henry Jekyll appeared, after the character Dr. Henry Jekyll was introduced.




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