Paul James' Blake's Seven Pages

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Name: Paul James' Blake's Seven Pages
Owner/Maintainer: Paul James
Dates: 1998–2006 (Wayback date) (last updated June 2000)
Type: frame grabs, sound clips, reviews
Fandom: Blake's 7
URL: (via WBM)
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Paul James' Blake's Seven Pages was a Blake's 7 fansite by Paul James. It's particularly known for its frame grabs, which were (for the time), high quality and were widely used on other fansites. It was a member of the Blake's 7 Webring.


  • Large collection of framegrabs
  • Sound clips
  • Episode reviews & ratings
  • Small list of links


  • The Anorak's Guide to Blake's 7 recommends the site: Paul James holds the collection of the best Blake's images on the net, with nearly 300 images. Not only that, but he also has his own bizarrely-calculated reviews, which allow Headhunter to be the most highly-rated B7 episode![1]
  • AJRimmer recommends the site: My personal favorite Blake's 7 site. Contains MP3 sound files, tons of pics, and a great episode guide with a special system to rate each show.[2]
  • The Unofficial Glynis Barber Website recommends the site: His screenshots from Blake's 7 have a very impressive quality.[3]
  • Neil Faulkner recommends it: Excellent site for downloads, with high quality images from all four seasons and a selection of sound files (WAV and WinAmp). Also episode ratings.[4]
  • The site is also recommended by Judith Proctor at,[5] Leia Fee at Delta Dome,[6][7] and others


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