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Journal Community
Name: Panic! at the Disco Slash Search
Date(s): 28 November 2006 - present
Moderator: normalityloser, xbeax
Founder: wiwiene[1]
Type: Fic Finding
Fandom: Panic! at the Disco
URL: Panic! at the Disco Slash Search, Archived version

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patdslashseek is a popular fic finding community on LiveJournal for Panic! at the Disco slash fanfic. It was actually not the first fic finder created in Panic! fandom; patdficfinder was created a few months before patdslashseek, but never took off (it had a measly 190 posts as of 2017).

It was created a day after a slashatthedisco mod banned fic finding posts:

I seriously just rejected about five million posts asking for certain fics, alone.... I suggest someone make a community for looking for certain fics. We'd promote the hell out of it here, if someone did.[1]

Disclaimer on the community profile:

This community is a centered around the slash fandom from the band Panic! at the Disco. We are in no way affiliated personally with any of the band members. This is for fiction. Slash fiction. If you don't like it, don't read or join the community.[2]

As of 2017, patdslashseek had 9,189 posts; 33,832 comments; and 1946 members.[2]


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