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Title: Paralyzer
Author(s): Yahtzee
Date(s): 29 January 2012 - 26 February 2012
Length: 43,521 words
Genre: slash, casefile
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
External Links: Paralyzer (AO3)

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Paralyzer is a Charles/Erik story by Yahtzee. It was written and posted as a WIP.

Summary: In 1965, Erik Lehnsherr has infiltrated the NYPD for his own purposes -- but his powers make him a brilliant detective. Yet that's not why FBI agent Charles Xavier has sought him out. It's because the mysterious killer they're both trying to find is murdering people like them: other mutants. Their search for a madman binds them together. Their inner demons may tear them apart. But the greatest danger comes when the killer they're looking for looks back ...

Recs and Reviews

"Awesome crime thriller set in 1965. Not only do Erik and Charles have to catch a killer, but they also have to deal with their feelings at a time when homosexuality (don't say was not an option fcol) was unacceptable. Wonderful wonderful storytelling."[1]
First off, this story was toe-scrunchingly, hair-curlingly creepy. The parts from the villain's point of view, especially, are like jumping into the deep-end of a Criminal Minds episode. Mind the warnings and avoid if you need to.

That said, it's a truly excellent case fic and an intriguing AU. Set in the same time period as the movies, the two main characters are in law-enforcement and on the trail of a mutant serial killer before people had coined the term. The character voices are excellent, and I really enjoyed their getting to know each other in this different setting. I ached for Erik's internal conflict, and everyone felt like real people with real emotions and motivations. The sections from Charles's point of view are intriguing; I really liked the way Yahtzee expresses and shows his powers. The secondary characters also shine, with Moira particularly badass. The descriptions are vivid and atmospheric, and the story sucks you in.

An excellent dark mystery, if you're in the mood from some gripping suspense and creepy situations.[2]


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