Paradise (Star Trek: TOS story by Islaofhope)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Paradise
Author(s): Islaofhope
Date(s): 2001
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Paradise is a Kirk/Spock vignette by Islaofhope. It appears to have the subtitle or alternative title: "What Can I Offer?"

It was published in the print zine First Time #52.


"After Spock is released from the spores of Omicron Ceti 3, he rapes Kirk in the transporter room, something they must deal with as they become lovers while transporting the colonists to the nearest starbase."

Reactions and Reviews

This story has some of my favorite elements, such as a Spock-rapes-Kirk scene (though I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea); and also good use of the actual events and dialogue from an episode.

The story takes place at the end of the Omicron Ceti 3 episode, the spore madness that has Spock and everyone else all tripped out on the planet, with Kirk by himself on the ship. One small touch I really liked was the use of the line we've come to associate with the "Lost Episode" audiotape: Kirk saying about Spock, "Aroused, he's stronger than the average man." Oh, yes.

We get a lot of Kirk's thoughts and feelings throughout the story, along with plenty of active scenes. Mostlythese often-long passages in Kirk's head work just fine; but in one place in particular I felt that what was happening was explained a bit much, so that the action, which w a s very hot at the moment, was interrupted by these explanations. This is a difficult thing to avoid, I know, when you want to be sure and express the character's feelings about whafs happening.

Anyway, I think the motivations were all convincing, and why Kirk and Spock each perceived the situation as they did. Kirk gets Spock back up to the ship and instigates the fight to free him from the spores and right after that, things get all hot. Pon farr is mentioned, but as I think about it now, I'm not certain that that was used convincingly. It was kind of thrown in as if it would just come on and then be over right away. As I was reading, however, I went along with it, because this way Spock would be more out of control than he might otherwise be.. .and I do enjoy Spock being out of control.

Later, though, with Spock in his right mind...there is beautiful, loving sex. There is also a great sex-on-the-bridge scene. A great fantasy both Kirk and Spock have had, and certainly most of us K/S readers have had.

But then we also get some lovely angst, until Kirk and Spock clear up misunderstandings about what they had done. W as it the beginning of a love affair, or a mistake? This is a good part, how they talk this out and come together. I could unquestionably buy these misunderstandings, especially that Spock would question Kirk's motivations.

Oh yes, and then there's the story-line regarding getting the crew back up, and then more plot regarding the OC3 colonists, and a beautiful almost-death scene...and so this story has a bit of something for everyone.

I find this interesting: I had to stop reading this story in the middle because of something I was writing in my own story right then, and I didn't want to be influenced by how Islaofhope (or anyone else) dealt with Kirk's feelings in a certain situation. I finished reading the story after I finished writing mine; and of course our approaches were totally different. As we all know after years of reading and writing K/S, it's fascinating how we can take the same scenarios and write them totally differently.[1]
A telling of the "real" story behind the events on Omicron Ceti III. This is one of my favorite type of K/S stories—using an episode's dialogue combined with K/S to create a really neat what-really-happened story.

Kirk prepares to confront a spore-infected Spock. Like Kathy Stanis, I loved the dialogue of Kirk's personal log: "Aroused, his great physical strength could kill."

Then, just as they're about to leave the transporter room to initiate the plan to remove the spores, Spock throws Kirk to the floor and rips Kirk's tunic off!

I kept wondering why Kirk didn't immediately ask what was happening to Spock—-not even questioning at first why Spock was doing this. It's only later, after Spock makes Kirk orgasm, that he asks.

But oh boy! Is it hot! Spock even ties Kirkto a ring on the floor and does it to him: "You are mine. I will fuck you as I choose." Wow.

Kirk's thoughts afterwards are a little too casual—like Spock might have said something nasty to him instead of had sex with him.

Later, Spock is appropriately contrite, but evidently not that contrite because he comes on to Kirk while they are working on the bridge.

They said a few times that none of the crew was in imminent danger, so they'd have time to play around, but don't look too closely at that one. Just enjoy! What a scene! Having sex on the bridge—what could be sexier?

Then Spock leaves to confront Leila while Kirk feels insecure about Spock's feelings for him. This insecurity and expression of emotions don't really ring true for Kirk's character. He alternately acts jealous and petulant during times of crisis and afterward when Spock has given no indication that he wants to go off with Leila.

Kirk is seriously injured during a takeover by the colonists and there's a very nice moment of Spock mind melding with him.

Something odd—the title of this story seems to be listed incorrectly as "Paradise" in the table of contents. I thought that might have been a better title as it relates more strongly to this story. [2]
"What Can I Offer?" by Islaofhope is a 28page story. Curiously, it is called "Paradise" in thetable of contents, and I have no clue therefore what the actual name of the story is. I suspect it is "Paradise" because that makes more sense to me. BUT I see on the Philon 2001 listing that it is called, "What Can I Offer?"

I don't want to give the plot away on this one. I thought this was a really exciting well written story. I had intended to just give it a quick reading and got really interested in what was happening. This is set at the time Spock is influenced by the spores on Omicron Ceti III and thinks that he is love with Leila. The author adds a rape scene (Spock rapes Kirk) before the settlers are evacuated.

There's lots of action and some nice dialogue. I especially like it when Spock refers back to the rape with, "The beginnings of this change in our relationship were not exceedingly propitious." It just sounded so much like Spock. I definitely recommend this story.[3]


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