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Name: panisdead
Type: writer
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Southland, The X-Files
URL: panisdead at Dreamwidth panisdead at Archive of Our Own
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Panisdead is a multi-fandom fanfiction author.


Panisdead entered fandom in the late 1990's via a stack of dubbed X-Files videotapes given to her by a colleague. She first participated in X-Files fandom through the newsgroup. Her first published fanfic featured the character of Alex Krycek and was posted to a Krycek-centered mailing list. She went on to participate as a reader and occasional beta in Star Trek Voyager, The Sentinel, due South, Smallville, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, Southland, and Teen Wolf fandoms, as well as several others. She is currently active as a reader in MCU fandom. Her written works are in Stargate Atlantis and Southland. She has recorded one podfic.

Transformative Works Policy

Panisdead gives blanket permission for all transformative works. She requests that any creators wishing to use her work credit and link back to her original piece, preferably at the Archive of Our Own. She would like to be notified of any such works.

Notable Works

  • Sugar, Archived version - John uses pet names to publicly humiliate Rodney, but Rodney saves them for when they're alone. Written for the SGA kink meme.