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Doujinshi Circle
Circle: PRT (プロト Puroto)
Doujinka: Mayu (マユ), a.k.a. Kosugi Mayu (小杉繭)
Type: Manga
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Code Geass
Active: 2003? - present
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PRT is a doujinshi circle run by Mayu that publishes Harry Potter doujinshi, and has also published Code Geass doujinshi. It was actively in the mid- to late-2000s and published mostly James/Severus books.


"I must say that of all the depiction of the Marauders during the Hogwarts era, the doujinshi artist Mayu did it the best (nevermind about the whole James/Severus bit for the moment). How should I say this? She's good at depicting flawed characters, in addition to portraying the tension and strain in this supposedly perfect friendship between four boys. You can really see that the friendship itself is less than perfect, which in itself contributes to the distrust and betrayal in future years.
And on a sidenote, Miss Mayu has created one of the most devastatingly drool-worthy James. And I'm not just talking about the gorgeous character design. The personality of James is certainly a major selling point. I thought it was kind of amusing when I saw Miss Mayu's depiction of Harry. You can really see the difference there, aside from the different hairstyle. James is far more mature and cynical for his age (not to mention the slightly dark and angst aura surrounding him; he's more of an anti-hero than a hero IMO), while Harry looks decidedly innocent by comparison."[1]


Front cover of Misson in Pensieve.


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