PPC: The Lost Tales

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Title: PPC: The Lost Tales
Author(s): Jay and Acacia
Date(s): 2002
Genre: gen
Fandom: Lord of the Rings, Tolkien
External Links: PPC: The Lost Tales: Host Page, Archived version
Jay and Acacia: The Original Series, Archived version

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PPC: The Lost Tales is 2002 meta, self-insert fanwork by Jay and Acacia.

The fic is the first Protectors of the Plot Continuum projects, and has twenty-six chapters.

A similar fanwork is The Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth.

The Authoresses' Notes

We love fanfic. Honestly, we do.

But changing the main plotline of the canon story is ridiculous. (Except in speculative AU "what-if" type stories.) And Mary Sues upstage the canonical main characters, which really should not happen. If you want to be the main character, try doing original fiction. Then you can even publish it without breaking copyright laws, maybe even get rich. But if you do that, please knock your character down a few notches from "angel."

Each fanfic Jay and Acacia enter has its own chapter. The author and fic title are included in the chapter's title.

Critiques go to Acacia ([email protected]), because Jay ([email protected]) suffers from an inability to deal with criticism. (even good criticism). Flames go to anyone you like, because they'll just be laughed at anyway.

Editor's Notes

Here, for the first time, all 26 stories of the Original Series are collected for your viewing pleasure.

With the blessing of the PPC Board, I [1] have given the series a very light editing treatment in order to clean up little things like two-dot ellipses, too-many-dot ellipses, missing commas, punctuation outside quotes, misspellings, etc. (Sorry, Britpickers—Jay and Acacia are American as far as I know, so American usage rules apply.) Words in *asterisks* have been made bold where they are used for emphasis. Where they stand for actions (or it's specifically stated that someone spoke them), they've been left alone. "Makes-Things" seems to be hyphenated more often than not, so it's been hyphenated across the board. Internal consistency is my aim overall.

Jay and Acacia weren't in the habit of distinguishing badfic quotes from their own text like most of us do now, and that's how I've left it. It's usually easy to spot the difference anyway, since the badfic quotes are bad—I haven't attempted to clean them up. Rule of thumb: when in doubt, keep reading. There's usually clarification ahead.

Some stories have two tag lines. In those cases, the first is from Odd Lots, and the second is Miss Cam's.

Excerpt from the First Chapter

"It's happened again." Jay leaned back from her console, indicating a flashing red light. "Someone's mucking with the plot continuum."

Acacia sighed. "Exactly what is so wrong with the canon that everyone wants to break it?" she demanded rhetorically. "Which world?"

"Lord of the Rings." Jay winced. "The massacre of Tolkien continues. We have... a Mary Sue."

Acacia sighed. "Usually the case. What species is she this time, and what's she done to break it?"

"Human. Magically transported from Earth, along with her band. Of COURSE she's joining the Fellowship... and you'll love this. She's stringing Boromir along while enjoying herself with Legolas." Jay looked sideways at her partner, hoping that this news wouldn't be too disturbing.

Acacia glared. "Let me see this," she insisted, pushing Jay out of her seat without waiting for an answer. She started pressing buttons seemingly at random, glared at the screen as if hoping to burn the words off it by sheer force of stare, then stood up. "Well, let's go then!"

Jay tapped something on the console, causing an odd hum. A rather unimpressive flicker appeared in the air, taking on the appearance of an oblong doorway. "Come on, Acy," she said, using her friend's dreaded nickname. "Let's hunt some Sue."


  1. ^ "I" may refer to Miss Cam, the author of The Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth.