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Journal Community
Name: Overheardfandom
Date(s): 2008-present
Moderator: Slodwick
Founder: Slodwick
Type: Livejournal, Community, Meta, Open Membership, Unmoderated
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: overheardfandom on LJ

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Overheardfandom is an open-membership, unmoderated livejournal community devoted to fannish or fan-related quotes. It bears some similarity to the livejournal community Metaquotes[1]


In 2008, during an injournal discussion in Seperis's livejournal, the following exchange occurred:

Seperis:"Someone make me a community of fannish metaquotes. Please? I don't want to do it myself, but I would totally be supportive, in that way I will occasionally say I SUPPORT YOU! I would also like to have god like moderator powers and no actual responsibility and tribute. And a pony.

Yeah. One day. It'll totally happen."

Slodwick:"I would totally be down for a fannish metaquotes!"


And so Overheardfandom was born.


  1. In case you missed the name, all quotes should be about fandom. It doesn't matter what fandom it is -- bandslash is as good as Gossip Girl is as good as Stargate. But posts about someone's cat or homework assignment, while undoubtedly entertaining, are not allowed here.
  2. Quotes must originate on LiveJournal. No IM conversations, no famous quotations, no overheard RL conversations. LiveJournal clones (e.g. JournalFen or InsaneJournal) are acceptable, however.
  3. Quotes must be original to the quotee. When in doubt, use Google.
  4. You must credit quotes by linking the LJ post or comment where you found the quote, as well as the username of the quotee.
  5. When quoting from a locked/private entry, you must ask for & receive permission first. Indicate that you got permission by adding "QWP" to your post. Quoting locked posts without permission is a bannable offense.
  6. Don't spam the community -- use one post for multiple quotes.
  7. LJ-Cut is your friend; use it for spoilers, highly offensive quotes, or excessively long entries (no one should be forced to scroll). Profanity doesn't necessarily need to be cut -- read at your own risk.
  8. Don't quote yourself. We're cooler than that.
  9. Should your quote require some set-up, please be sensible. If the explanation is three times longer than the quote, it probably doesn't belong here.
  10. Common sense and courtesy are expected of everyone. We're adults, play nice, don't be a dick, etc.[3].


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