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Pairing: Regina Mills/Robin Hood
Evil Queen/Robin Hood
Alternative name(s): Outlaw Queen,
Hood Queen
Gender category: het
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Canonical?: canon
Prevalence: popular
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Regina Mills/Robin Hood is a pairing of Regina Mills (Evil Queen) and Robin Hood from the Once Upon a Time fandom.


In the third season and during a flashback, it was revealed by Tinkerbell that Regina and Robin are each other's second chance at True Love[1], however Regina was too afraid to go to him. Due to this, both went through several tragedies and heartbreak - Robin marrying and losing Marian and Regina becoming the Evil Queen.

They actually meet after Regina and the other characters are cursed back to the Enchanted Forest[2].


Regina/Robin immediately became a popular ship for the OUAT fandom following Robin's first appearance in the show in Season 3.

Common Tropes & Themes

  • True Love - It's a trope heavily used both in canon and in fanworks, especially since Regina and Robin are stated to be each other's second chance at true love.
  • Soulmates - Especially at the beginning when the pairing was still new, some fans used Tinkerbell's phrasing, that "the man with the lion tattoo" was Regina's soulmate, to mean that Robin and Regina's bond was different (perhaps even stronger) than the True Love ever present on the show.
  • Robin's Lion tattoo - is a very important element in canon, the only way for Regina to be able to identify him. In fanfic, the tattoo is used in a similar way, with some exceptions where it's used for comedic effect[3].
  • Dark Outlaw Queen or Dark!OQ: focusing on Regina's darker other half and Robin from the WishRealm
  • The Missing Year


  • Outlaw Queen is the popular pairing name for the ship.
  • Hood Queen was the original pairing name for the ship before the above grew more popular.
  • Dimples Queen is the platonic relationship between Regina and Roland, Robin's son.







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