Outlaw Queen Smut Week

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Name: Outlaw Queen Smut Week
Date(s): 2015 - 2017
Type: fanfiction, fan art, fan edits, manips
Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV series)
URL: oqsmutweek
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Outlaw Queen Smut Week is a fanweek, prompt based challenge created to encourage the creation of mature fanworks for the Once Upon a Time pairing of Regina Mills/Robin Hood, also known as Outlaw Queen. Multiple types of fanworks were accepted, but there was a heavy concentration on fanfiction.



  • Day 1: OQ as Swingers
  • Day 2: Robin and Regina can’t resist staying away from each other after Marian returned
  • Day 3: OQ has sex in public
  • Day 4: OQ in the rain
  • Day 5: OQ does porno
  • Day 6: Outlaw Bandit smut
  • Day 7: Dark Robin and Regina sex


  • Day 1: First curse sex
  • Day 2: First 69
  • Day 3: Okay, thief
  • Day 4: Evil Queen and thief. (before curse)
  • Day 5: Student teacher AU
  • Day 6: Missing year
  • Day 7: Jealous Regina


  • Day 1 Jealous Regina
  • Day 2: Haven’t had sex in a long time so fuck me or leave
  • Day 3: Reunion Sex
  • Day 4: Talk dirty to me
  • Day 5: Strip Poker
  • Day 6: Car Sex
  • Day 7: After being teased all day with sext and pictures