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Name: Ouroboros Mix
Date(s): November 2011-2013
Moderator(s): roachpatrol, Laylah
Founder: roachpatrol
Type: Remix
Fandom: Homestuck
Associated Community: Ouroboros: A Homestuck Remix Community
URL: Livejournal Community

Ao3 Parent Collection

Ouroboros Remix banner by roachpatrol
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The Ouroboros Mix, or the Ouroboros Remix, is a Homestuck fanfiction remix challenge initiated by roachpatrol.


The Ouroboros Mix follows the guidelines of a general remix challenge. Participants submit a Homestuck work they have previously written, which another assigned participant must remix. In 2012, the main challenge took place on Livejournal and had 16+ participants. A full list of works can be found here. There was also a "silver linings" remix round which never came to fruition due to issues with the Livejournal software.[1] A silver linings round involves remixing a fanfic with a happier tone, even if the fanfic already dealt with a sweet subject matter.[2]

In 2013, the Ouroboros Mix moved entirely to AO3. This iteration of the Mix had a total of 54 works produced for the challenge.[3] There is no indication that the silver lining round will be attempted in any further years.


Participants must have at least three non-crossover and non-cowritten 500+ word fanfics written for Homestuck. Only one story is required to be remixed from each participant, and a participant can select which assigned fanfic to remix based on any sort of trigger tags. A participant must not replace or erase pairings from the original fanfic. The finished work(s) must be 1,000+ words and cannot be a crossover with any other series.[4]

Example Works


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