Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch

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Fan Art
Title: Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch
Date(s): March 19, 2012
First Published: Tumblr
Medium: photoset
Fandom: Sherlock
External Links: Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch
screencap of the original photoset, used with permission
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On March 19, 2012, the fan Redscharlach posted a photoset consisting of five screencaps of Sherlock Holmes as played by Benedict Cumberbatch paired with five photos of otters. Each photo pair matched the expression on Cumberbatch's face to a nearly identical otter expression.

This post quickly garnered thousands of likes and reblogs and became its own meme, leading to comparisons of Martin Freeman to hedgehogs, Andrew Scott to rabbits, and so on.

As of 31 July 2013 the photoset had 53,483 notes on Tumblr. In fact, it became so popular so quickly that mainstream media noticed it; it has been featured in The Huffington Post, printed in the Sunday Mirror, and referenced on The Late Show with Dave Letterman.

In November 2015, Cumberbatch was a guest on The Graham Norton Show, where he posed to match more photos of otters.

It should be noted that both Benedict Cumberbatch and pictures of otters are separately very popular on Tumblr, and that Tumblr had shown an interest in combining photos of actors with cute animals before[1], so there is no mystery why a clever combination of the two should prove lethal.

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  1. ^ See michaelfassbenderwithpugs. The first post was in June 2011.