Oracle (Rene Auberjonois fan club)

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Fan Club
Name: Oracle
Founder(s): Lisa Wilcox
Leadership: Marguerite Krause
Country based in: United States
Focus: Star Trek: DS9, René Auberjonois
External Links: The Official René Auberjonois Fan Club; "COME ON! JOIN THE CLUB!"
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Oracle is a fan club for René Auberjonois, the actor who portrayed Odo in Star Trek: DS9. It is an official fan club.

The club published a quarterly newsletter called Oracle, as well as two issues of Odo-Files Journal, a fiction and art zine with the subtitle: "Stories & Art Selected by René Auberjonois." The club also published a cookbook called Sustenance for Solids.


It all started with Lisa... ... Lisa Wilcox, NOT the actress, but rather Lisa Wilcox the avid STAR TREK fan. Lisa decided that she liked and respected not only the work that René Auberjonois was doing on STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE, but the personality and values that came shining through René's comments and interviews as he began the new series. She thought that René sounded like an all-around nice guy, in addition to being such a talented performer.

So Lisa started to do research. Lots and LOTS of research. She researched René's stage career. She researched René's film credits. She researched his television credits. She dug up interviews and articles that no doubt René had forgotten had ever been given or written in the first place. She then put everything into a great big scrapbook and presented her collected research to René with her compliments.

Next thing she knew, René invited her to lunch and asked her, "Well, do you want the job?" The "job" under discussion turned out to be heading up a fan club for all of the folks who were showering René with letters and requests for further information. And so ORACLE was born! [1]


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