One Night Stand (Blake's 7 fanzine)

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Title: One Night Stand
Publisher: Judith Proctor
Editor: Judith Proctor
Author(s): Sebastian and Nova.
Cover Artist(s): Whitby27
Date(s): December 2002
Medium: print
Size: 80 pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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One Night Stand.jpg
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One Night Stand is a slash Blake's 7 80-page novel. The story was started by Sebastian (presumably mostly written around 1995, at about the time Forbidden Star 1 was being published[1]). It was then completed by Nova with story ideas by Judith Proctor, who also edited and published the zine. It has a cover by Whitby27.

It was uploaded in full to the Hermit Library, and later imported to Archive of our Own.

Author and Editor Comments

Sebastian: I have had good experiences with people sequelling my stories. Helen Raven - who could object to HR carrying on one's created universe - her talent surpassed mine and then some. And I had had for a long time a Blake's 7novella hanging about, One Night Stand. It wanted about 20 pages to wrap it up and I just couldn't do it. Threats and whipping myself just did not work. When someone approached me and asked to finish it, I jumped at the chance. It was a good story, my own personal B7 best. And she did it beautifully. Perfectly. It meant that story could go out into the world at last, and I felt satisfied and content and grateful that she had felt inspired enough to birth it for me. [2]
Nova: At the end of 2001 Judith asked me whether, rather than just acting as a beta, I'd be interested in completing 'One Night Stand' for her ... I launched myself into the project through extensive discussions with Judith and multiple readings of 'One Night Stand', to immerse myself in Sebastian's style and perspective. Then I started writing. Then I showed what I'd written to SallyMN and Ika who, with their usual acuity and perfect pitch, instantly identified all the points where I'd lapsed out of Sebastian's idiom and into my own, after which Judith and I had some even more extensive discussions and revised my first draft, as well as changing a few minor plot points in Sebastian's part of the novel, to fit the direction in which we'd taken her story.[3]
Judith: Sebastian allowed me to read the story and wrote some extra bits where I pleaded with her to finish it, but ultimately, the muse had passed elsewhere and she couldn't complete the novel. We did however have some interesting discussions about how some of the threads would have worked through and how the story would have ended. Sebastian wanted something that remained within canon and yet allowed hope. I came up with a suggestion and we agreed that I'd try and find a way of completing the story. Though I loved the story and knew how the plot should resolve, my own writing style is very different. Sebastian and I use words in very different ways; I wasn't the best person to complete it.[4]


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