One-Night Fandoms

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Title: One-Night Fandoms
Creator: eruthros and thingswithwings
Date: Yuletide 2008
Format: digital vid
Length: 3.53
Music: Angel of the Morning
Genre: meta
Fandom: multifandom, yuletide
URL: LJ Vid announcement (links out of date) Dreamwidth post (includes functional link to video download)

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One night fandoms.jpg

An extremely beloved multifandom vid that captured fandom's love of Yuletide. Using source from 191 fandoms classified as yuletide fandoms, it used the metaphor of a one-night stand to celebrate the rare fandoms that only get attention once a year.

We got to talking about how Yuletide is a wonderful change from the usual fandom process – where most fandoms are like a marriage, a long-term relationship in which you have your ups and your downs and your loyalty, Yuletide offers us the chance of a hot steamy one-night stand: a way to experiment with a fandom that you would normally never write, or that doesn't sustain your long-term fannish interest. I think I said that someone should vid Yuletide the way that lithiumdoll vidded all the cancelled shows, and I think that eruthros said, wow, that vid should be set to Angel of the Morning. A song about happy, sometimes poignant, unrepentant casual sex.[1].


  1. ^ thingswithwings, in the vid announcement post