On Heat (Professionals story by Sebastian)

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You may be looking for the Pros story by M. Fae Glasgow On Heat.

The Professionals Fanfiction
Title: On Heat
Author(s): Sebastian
Fandom: The Professionals
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On Heat is a slash Professionals circuit story written by Sebastian.

It is a story on The 1985 Hatstand Express Top Ten Lists.

This story was discussed and excerpted in Textual Poachers.


"Doyle's pleasuring himself to the image of Bodie and in the afterglow, Bodie shows up. Narcissistic little devil that he is, Doyle invites Bodie in and nearly wrecks five years of friendship."[1]
"D in bed masturbates and thinks of B. When B arrives D does not hide, and flaunts his orgasm. B is first upset, but they ultimately talk and get together.[2]
Summary (from Henry Jenkins):
The process of sexual fantasy is consciously explored in a large number of slash stories. Sebastian's "On Heat" (n.d.) opens with Doyle masturbating to an elaborate fantasy of being seduced by his partner: "Caught in an ecstatic, painful stasis where he dared not continue with the usual rhythmic caressing his body pleaded for, he held still, trembling, his mind racing with fevered images of Bodie's lips and tongue on him .... Bodie, touching him with such intimacy, pushing into him. . .. His mouth turned and searched blindly for the lips that were not there, never had been, never could be." Bodie enters the bedroom to find Doyle, still lost in reveries and holding himself, resulting first in intensely homophobic confrontation and later in more passionate love-making when, as is so often the case in slash, erotic fantasies become realities."[3]

Author's Notes

Author's notes: "A story whose first line is still enough to make me blush. I wanted to write something that was purely and simply erotic and a pleasant, erm, release from all the churning turmoil and emotion of the longer works I was immersed in at the time. One little thing of note: among my group, there was a feeling that my stories were miserable, depressing, unpleasant affairs (though I always maintained that this was not so and that I simply had the wrong readers). Kindly, well-meant advice was given me to the effect that I should shape up and make it much, much clearer that an ending was happy, if it was, and if it wasn't, maybe it should be. With that in mind, with my permission one of my friends added the last three lines to this story for me, hoping to save me from the sort of backlash which I sometimes got over Siren. I believe the post-scripter was HG, a gifted and lyrical writer and a very good friend, and the story is the better for it."



Another one to read in the middle of winter. One of the more intensely erotic stories in circulation (ooh, and what it does to my circulation...) and yet manages to be one of the best characterizations of Doyle as well. As well as being another panty-wetter.[4]
Well, I'll tell you, it takes a lot to get me going. This story did it.[5]


I love this story. I guess Doyle seduces, though not by much. If D gets his way, he'll be on the bottom next time... Suffering: Doyle. And this Doyle may be *inexperienced* but not *innocent*.[6]


If you find you are suffering from "Slash Menopause..... once a day, re-read "On Heat", preferably in the privacy of your own home. Try to eat some sushi beforehand--the wasabi is a known aphrodisiac and will help counteract the evil hormonal imbalance factor recently identified as "antihomoerone." (See "A Clinical and Laboratory Profile of Menopausal Media Fans At Risk for Decreased Absorption of Homoerone: Is Overexposure to Literacy-Impaired 'Gen' Fanfiction to Blame?"; Cherny & Clerc, The New England Journal of Medicine, v.332,n.21: 1667-1674.) [7]


I'm fond of both of the On Heat stories, though I also much prefer Sebastian's. To me, Sebastian has the ability to evoke a depth of emotion that creates a rich Persian carpet of layers and colours and texture, with a pile that can be sunk into and luxuriated in. MFae is often flatter to my senses, skating more on the surface, a pileless rug, contained and intricate, but significantly different in nuance. Her characters aren't superficial, but they don't give me quite the same sense of full-bodiedness.[8]


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